... as she found herself enraptured in a symphony of memories. Jessica chuckled at candid moments as she revisited the joyous chaos of a family outing and the sweet innocence captured in the laughter of her children. The mischievous glint in her children's eyes, the shared smiles that transcended the constraints of the page, and the tender embraces frozen in time—all unfolded like a cherished tapestry of love. In these moments, she found not only nostalgia for a life richly lived, but a profound gratitude for

Her Eyes Shimmered 

the Family experience

with a delicate blend of joy and yearning...

the photographs 

 that were the silent narrators of it all. 

Have you ever been anxious during one of the best experiences of your life because you were afraid you wouldn't be able to absorb and remember just how wonderful it was? When it comes to your family, I never want you to worry about that again. I will get to know the heart and soul of your family so that I can help you preserve its unique story and personality. Together, we'll plan an unforgettable experience that is both fun and intimate, and most importantly, authentic

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The Family Experience

the photographs that were the silent narrators of it all. 


Everyone has a vision for how they want their photos to turn out. It may be a single image that keeps popping up in their head that they're dying to re-create, a setting that they've fallen in love with, or a Pinterest board they've created. And if you choose to reach out to me, there's a reason why you think I may fit this vision. This step in the process is to help us clarify that and decide if we're a good match for each other!  So bring all of those lingering questions and hesitations. It's also great to include any members of the family that will be invested in the result! Hit that button below to get started.

Reaching out


the family experience



Now is the time when I'll really dig in and learn about your family's story. We can do this over the phone, video chat, or even grab a cup of coffee! I want to know more about each and every member's personality, how everyone interacts, and what we can do to bring everyone out of their shell. We'll talk about your day-to-day lives and what you do for fun. From that, we'll work to identify shooting locations hold significance for you. Wardrobe? I'm there with you every step of the way to help you dress your family in a way that reads organic and is beautiful! 

Planning together


tell me about the


Get ready to have a blast doing what you and your family love most because that is exactly what we are aiming to capture today! Play, laugh, and genuinely enjoy yourselves as you take in this incredible experience! The only thing you really need to do during your session is love on your family. We will plan ahead some activities that your family enjoys, and I will fill in any gaps with direction for additional spontaneous activities. If you would like to include posed images, I am capable and willing to help with that, but I think you'll enjoy the lifestyle photography experience so much that you'll forget all about stopping for poses!




You'll finally get to see you and your family within tangible works of art! Through my carefully curated and personalized gallery, you will re-experience the connections you share with your loved ones as you choose your favorite images and shop my selection of bespoke albums and frames.

gallery reveal

Ready to savor your own family photo experience?

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a unique,


for the nostalgic soul...

Lifestyle photography is unique in that it builds the picture around the person; not the other way around. For this reason, we'll meet in person or over zoom to get a full picture of your story and personalities.  I'll guide you in choosing locations, wardrobe, and planning activities for the shoot, complete with snacks and prizes for kids.  

A carefully curated lineup of photos, artfully displayed in a magical slideshow accompanied by heartwarming music with your kids tucked in close. Once you've chosen your favorite photographs, I'll be on call to help you choose the best printing, framing, and placement options for your home. 


Professional printing & framing recommendations to compliment your home décor

Bespoke slideshow-viewing experience for your gallery reveal

Luxury photo albums, frames & print products available from your gallery with just a few clicks. 

In-person pre-session consultation or zoom

White glove service: wardrobe assistance, location choices, shoot activities, and more

Prizes and snacks for the children

Let's start narrating your beautiful story!



"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie for a few years now and we plan to keep asking her for more... Melanie went above and beyond. I am so beyond happy with the photos she produced." 


"Melanie was absolutely wonderful to work with. We will definitely book with her again!"


"She puts a lot of work into making the experience as smooth as possible, which is no small feat when there are little ones involved. She has been very open to my ideas and has great ideas of her own to offer. I’ve been very happy with the results! "


"It was a fantastic experience. Thank you Melanie for capturing our family in such a beautiful way. We will definitely be using her photography business again."

- Jennie

" She was incredibly patient with our 5 year old and great with our 1 year old. We look forward to working with her again."




 with my exquisite collection of                  luxury photo albums, frames,
          and print products. 

Choose from an array of sumptuous materials, from genuine leather to silk-bound covers, ensuring your photo album is as extraordinary as the moments it holds.

Frames are more than mere encasements; they are windows into your most treasured moments. Whether it's the sleek sophistication of metal or the warmth of wood, my frames are designed to complement any decor.

Step into the realm of tangible nostalgia with my premium print products. From museum-quality prints to awe-inspiring canvases, we offer a range of exquisite options to bring your photographs to life. 

creating a legacy that lasts forever.


your cherished moments

 Turn your photographs into 

Works of Art,

Turn your photographs into Works of Art, creating a legacy that lasts forever.

Mamma of 3 fur babies

singer, piano & violin player

world Traveler

based in Socal

fun facts:

I'm SAVI, and I believe in the beauty and power of YOUR authentic story. My specialty is creating custom experiences that will reflect the beauty in your life and yield wall-worthy images for your home.  Click below to learn more about me and my philosophy.  

Meet the Artist


I want your photoshoot to be one of your family's favorite memories of the year. That's why one of my primary goals for our time together... is FUN! All of my packages are structured with that in mind, and I also offer some additional perks to enhance your overall experience, such as:

starting at $260

  • Wardrobe and home décor consultations
  • Refreshments to keep you energized during the session
  • A curated slideshow experience of the shoot highlights
  • Vouchers toward print products
  • A surprise gift to add some magic to your day! 
  • Wardrobe and home décor consultations 
  • Refreshments for you and snacks for the kids
  • A curated slideshow experience of the shoot highlights
  • A surprise gift to add some magic to your day!
  • Vouchers toward print products. 

Click here to inquire about Family sessions!

You can expect your gallery reveal within two weeks of your session date. If your package includes enhanced retouching, it will take an additional two weeks for completing this detailed process. 

When will I receive my photos?

In order to hold a date on my calendar, I ask for a 20% deposit on the total fee, which is due as soon as we both sign  my photography agreement. All of this can be done virtually. 

What is required to reserve a date with you?

 I always watch the forecast as the session date approaches for any signs of bad weather. If it looks like a 40% chance or more of rain, I'll contact you and offer to reschedule at no additional cost!

what if it rains?

Lifestyle photography is all about embracing what is real and genuine. In our session, you will have the freedom and space to be fully yourselves, no matter what that brings. Therefore, we let the kids be kids! Some of my favorite images ever have been of a parent comforting a crying child. Life is about the full range of human emotion. 

What if my kids don't behave?


Got more questions? 

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